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Group Somatic Therapy

Group somatic therapy is a powerful approach that combines body awareness and group dynamics to promote healing and emotional well-being.

Our 12-week Group Somatic Therapy programme, creates a community of like minded women, who have shared a variety of struggles and collective community dysfunction, allowing for a light to be shone on the traumas we may never have considered to be a root cause of discomfort, including both physical and mental health symptoms.

Joining together in group therapy allows for healing in a profound way, creating connection of the mind and body, along with connection amongst the group. As trauma causes disconnection, this group setting allows us to navigate joining together to be seen & heard like never before.

If you feel lonely, disconnected from the world, and wish to heal generational traumas, as well as those of your own individual nature, group somatic therapy may be the safe haven you have been searching for.

Strengthen Community

Stabilise the nervous system

Restore Connection

Enhance emotional wellbeing

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