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Health Consultations & Prescription Service

Get immediate, expert advice and same-day prescriptions for your health concerns. Our quick and easy prescription service ensures you receive the right medication when you need it most, always in a holistic and trauma-informed approach.

Ensuring your overall well-being, including your physical, mental, and emotional state, is essential for a happy and healthy life. Have you taken into account your fitness levels, organ function, mental abilities, emotional stability, and social well-being? Before assuming that your general health cannot be improved, the Whole Body Pharmacist can assist in identifying the underlying causes of your health concerns, with blood testing, holistic nutritionists at hand and a trauma-informed approach to your well-being.

Whether you have concerns about your general health or are recovering from an illness & would like advice on how to get back to your optimal wellbeing we can discuss treatment plans and longer term goals. Covering a range of topics including. We focus on addressing the underlying causes of the ailment rather than just suppressing symptoms, promoting overall health and balance while providing targeted relief for symptoms & illnesses:

Anxiety /Depression


Digestive Issues

Skin Problems

Migraine Treatment


Jet Lag



Erectile Dysfunction

Malaria Prevention

Infections: Coughs & Colds,

Viruses, Minor ear infections,

Oral infections & Sinusitis

Female issues:

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)

Female Gynae Ailments

Emergency Hormonal Contraception 

Period Pain

Period Delay

Other Services

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