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You are dealing with a health issue

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Book an appointment! 

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We tune in to the body

Step 4

Your Consultation

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Send the prescription to the pharmacy 

(Health Consultation & Prescription Service only)

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End of consultation



Before the consultation begins, we need to verify your photo ID. Please remember to bring your photo ID to your consultation.

Dr Tim Evans
Apothecary to HM the Queen and The Royal Households of London.

"She has mastered a whole body healthcare approach with the aim of creating long-term wellness."

Aimee Rai
Trauma Specialist, Somatic Therapist

"Jas and her service as the whole body pharmacist are exceptional . It’s so rare to find a clinical professional with such a holistic mindset. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

I am not one to seek allopathic medical support often - but when I do, I chose Jas over any other private healthcare service."

Patient I.M. 

"I had a consultation with Jas recently as I needed an urgent consultation. She managed to give me last minute appointment and provided an in-depth consultation.

I loved her professionalism and a very warm, personal approach and engagement. In a few hours time I had my prescription sent over to my regular pharmacy and my medication in hand."

What our esteemed colleagues and great customers say about Jaspreet Randhawa

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