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Somatic Experiencing for Chronic Illness

Connect with your body, delve in to your stored trauma & find the root cause of your chronic health symptoms.

Have you been struggling with ill health, with little to no answers from your doctors? Or a diagnosis which can never be resolved, because conventional medicine just doesn't know how to approach it.

Stored trauma can deeply impact physical health, often manifesting as chronic illness.

Unresolved emotional and psychological stress from past experiences can trigger a cascade of physiological responses, leading to persistent symptoms and conditions.

Recognizing the intricate connection between mind and body, an 8-week somatic therapy program offers a transformative approach to healing. This therapeutic method delves into the body's wisdom to uncover and address the root causes of illness. Through a combination of nervous system regulation techniques, carefully curated & guided by Jaspreet, individuals learn to release trapped trauma.

This process not only alleviates physical symptoms but also fosters a profound sense of emotional liberation. As participants journey through the program, they develop a deeper connection with their bodies, learning to interpret and honour its signals.

This holistic healing path not only aims to treat chronic conditions but also empowers individuals with tools for lifelong wellness and resilience.

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