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Trauma Processing Therapy

Traumatic events can be stored in the body. We work with the trauma & release it from the nervous system liberating the body & mind of old wounds

When a traumatic event occurs, and our body is overwhelmed, our body and nervous system are activated to react in this time of perceived danger. In some cases our environment, mindset, lifestyle and family systems can't allow for the traumatic event to fully be felt, and processed, which means the body stays in a reactive state. A deep emotional wound forms, leaving an imprint, which can be felt over and over again, waiting to be seen, felt and processed. 

When the nervous system has automatically switched on for this danger, and sadly doesn't get switched back off again fully, you are left with a dysregulated nervous system and in a state of disconnection. This can manifest in to disconnection from the body, to others, your environment and social situations. The mind and body disconnect, and the mind continues to retraumatize the body by replaying the traumatic event over and over again. For example when you are jumpy and startled easily even though there is no real threat. The mind makes the body react as though it is always on guard for danger.  

Trauma is not the thing that happens to us but more so how the nervous system responds to the event. We all experience trauma, our nervous system will let us know when we are dysregulating. However, depending on what's happening in our lives, it may not always be possible to react or feel that dysregulation. Often we ignore it, try to move on, and instead the mind continues to try to remind us that something is wrong by showing physical symptoms such as depression, anxiety, heart racing, brain fog, fatigue, chronic pain, chronic illness etc.

Jaspreet guides you to find your way back to nervous system regulation, by discovering the traumatic imprint, delving deeply yet gently, to discover the root cause of your trauma and process it via healing modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Talking Therapy, Parts Therapy, Breathwork, Medicinal Movement and intuitive guidance. 

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