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Somatic Therapy

Unlock healing with our somatic therapy, focusing on mental and emotional health. Our trauma-informed approach deeply understands the influence of life experiences on your well-being.

An overwhelmed nervous system can lead to trauma, burnout, illness, and chronic pain. We work together to regulate the nervous system reducing the dis – ease you’re experiencing. This holistic approach is based on the Mind-Body connection through the vagus nerve, stretching from the brainstem to the colon. Together we gradually achieve a regulated nervous system with simple techniques. Based on the Polyvagal Theory, aiming to achieve a balance between these stages:

Felt Symptoms of Each Stage

Ventral Vagal (Rest & Digest)

Stabilty, Energy, Joy, Calm

Sympathetic (Fight or Flight)

Anxiety, Anger, High Blood Pressure + Heart Rate, Poor immunity, Digestive Issues

Dorsal Vagal (Shut Down)

Depression, Brain Fog, Low Blood Pressure + Heart Rate, Withdrawal

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