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How to get an emergency same-day prescription?

Updated: Feb 23

Ambulance emergency

Over the last 15 years I've watched a stark reality of the crumbling NHS system in the UK. Wishing for it to improve as I know, all too well that if we do not have a free healthcare system, it will be the very sick & underprivileged who suffer the most. I have watched this as a humanitarian aid worker in many countries around the world and so the very last thing I wish is for my wider community in the United Kingdom to suffer the same plight.

I place the vast majority of blame on the governments who have slowly, but surely allowed for the NHS to crumble these people are some of the wealthiest in the world. They know how to run businesses and they know how to make a lot of money. They also know how not to lose money and how to fix problems within a business. However, it is not of any benefit to them to fix the disorganised, poorly constructed, stagnant system we are currently faced with. Watch this space, as they continually allow for it to fall so abysmally, we as the public with be crying for a privatised service. I am very sure just as I was during Covid that those privatised services will be dished out to their friends with a little cash kickback for themselves. And when that happens, the blame with surely be passed on to the British public (sound familiar... Brexit).

There is an element of overuse and overreliance of this current healthcare system which must be attributed to the patients also using it. Please don't see this is a mark of shame. I know for the vast majority of people they want avoid hospitalisation, tests, and poking and prodding by a doctor, you've never met before.

We have become so entitled to having free healthcare, too often we use it at a whim. YES, I have been asked by patients who have a cold if they should attend A&E, I don't even think they should see the doctor (which is near impossible anyway).


With all of this going on in a genuine emergency or with genuine illness have you struggled to get an appointment or an emergency same day prescription? Have you called 111, hoping for a doctor to call you back, and instead being pushed to the local Pharmacy? In some circumstances, this can be helpful, as Pharmacist are pillars of the community as we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. And thanks to the start of new services from today. There are a list of ailments Pharmacists' can now help with and provide antibiotics without a prescription. This service is called PHARMACY FIRST, in which you would need to fall within a particular remit or age group, for the government to feel we are working safely to treat you as your GP should.

But did you know that we as pharmacists can essentially act (to a certain degree) as a private GP service near you? Providing urgent care, on an array of problems, not limited as stringently by age & symptoms as needed in the new pharmacy first scheme. With the clinical knowledge you deserve as a patient, to make safe decisions & an awakened eye being in the heart of accessible care seeing hundreds of patients each day.

We Pharmacists have widened our horizons past basic dispensing of prescriptions.

As a Holistic Somatic Therapist, providing a unique trauma-informed, sensitive hand holding therapy to the public for your mental health. I can vouch for the creative and dynamic roles we as Pharmacists take to serve the community.

Who better to serve the community with wellness and a genuine healthcare journey then the Pharmacists who see hundreds of sick people every day, begging and crying for an appointment or some help with a professional as they have been ignored, forgotten, or too afraid to ask. Do you know what your pharmacist can help with?. After years of observing the truth that medicine, alone, rarely heals anybody, I incorporated the Whole Body Pharmacist. Aiming to look at a person as a whole, Mind-Body-Spirit, to help them heal as a whole being.

Masking pain with painkillers without ever looking at the root cause is not fixing the problem. In essence this is part of the reason why we are in such a broken system, with a back log of patients, who have suffered, masked symptoms, suffered and now cannot suffer or mask any more. Waiting to be "fixed" with the new generation of patients, starting their journey of being masked, suffering & masked some more. No wonder the demand outweighs serving capabilities of the doctors & nurses attending to them.

If we are never truly healing the problem, eventually the dam will break with the pressure.

When you are stuck, & need the guidance of true healing healthcare professionals for your physical & mental health, in an easy, accessible way. Let's not complicate it, just BOOK IN, and let your healthcare journey begin.


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