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Prepare Your Health for the Winter

Updated: Feb 23

Every winter for the last 15 years as a pharmacist, I've watched hundreds and hundreds of patients suffer the latest viruses in the winter.

I think as individuals it's time we healthcare professionals empower you to prevent illness in a real, true, simple way! And it's time YOU as the person who suffers becomes accountable for your own health by taking action.

Let's think about it, there have to be steps you can take to boost your immunity right now, against viruses, bacteria & allergies. Of course there are! That's the great news.

Each individual needs an individual plan, as your diet, environment and lifestyle will be huge factors in to why you are prone to catching a cough or cold. The Whole Body Pharmacist can work through a personalised trauma informed healthcare plan with you.

oranges cut in half

But here are some key points on how to prepare your health for winter, as autumn creeps up:

  • Vitamin C - an immunity booster, whether you increase your orange consumption or get a fizzy tablet. It's worry starting now.

  • Vitamin D - the combination of not getting enough sunshine, plus using sunscreen all year round means we have a vitamin D deficiency crisis. Your immune system needs it to function well, and it promotes the production of antimicrobial proteins.

  • Zinc - is essential for the immune system because it supports immune cell function, aids in enzyme activity, and helps regulate inflammation, collectively contributing to a robust defense against infections.

  • Magnesium - works with Vitamin D by aiding the absorption of Vitamin D by activating enzymes responsible for converting vitamin D into its active form, which is essential for its role in calcium absorption and overall health & immunity. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

Look for clean, simple forms of these vitamins, as much as possible in your organic foods

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