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Harness Positive Stress

Updated: Feb 23

Positive Stress, does it really exist? Yes, of course, stress can be positive. It can give us the drive we need to get important tasks done. The body needs stress to get into fight or flight mode, in dangerous situations. This kind of stress every so often can be dealt with, processed and overcome with little long-term harm. Chronic stress is the problem. Undercurrents of constant stress, causing the body to always believe it is in fight or flight mode can be very harmful this is part of the reason why we as women are suffering from anxiety more frequently now than ever. It reduces our ability to decipher the reaction we should be giving in a tense situation. The high level of stress hormones in our system makes us chronically sick, and our ability to make decisions is impaired. As we never really know when we are in danger and what reaction is appropriate.

Positive stress can be harnessed when we are able to see it for what it is. If we walk around the world feeling stressed at every moment of the day, whether getting the kids ready for school, when at work, at home cooking or even when working out, the nervous system is overloaded and eventually we just burn out. In these situations, there is no joy in any moment. So we must first take a step back, realise this is not a normal, peaceful way of living, and seek some guidance in nervous system regulation. It takes time to settle down a lifetime if dysregulation, so be patient, and you will reap the reward. Once regulated, it is so much easier to feel and know when a situation is really stressful and necessary. Then as a natural process, the other periods of the day won't phase you.

When your mind and body are in this relaxed state, you will relish the positive stress and be grateful for how your body reacts when you need it to.

The mind and body are beautifully connected, many of us have separated the two, leaving two problems to deal with, rather than one magical machine that can work in great harmony when taken care of and listened to.

Tips for harnessing positive stress.

Positive stress helps us to get things done. In some circumstances, we need to have a certain level of stress to overcome barriers and work through our tick list in life. Harnessing positive stress and differentiating it from negative unproductive, debilitating stress is important.

Top 5 tips for being able to differentiate between the two and making the most of positive stress:

  1. Start with a daily routine of some sort of meditation. Why? If we aren't able to give ourselves some breathing space and moments of calm at least once a day, how can we figure out when we are really truly stressed? Whether you practice movement meditation with yoga, walking meditation or just sit and breathe with full intent, all are moments just for you. A morning meditation routine will help gravitate you to a balanced baseline to start the day.

  2. Make a to-do list, of everything. I even write who I need to text back and how many pages of my book I would like to read. When you have a list, it helps you to figure out the important from the mundane. And allows you to work with positive stress levels to work through that list. Congratulate yourself after you tick each one off, and give yourself a high five for making time to really see what's important and worth your stress levels.

  3. Keep off the caffeine. This one is tough. But everything seems more stressful when there's a hit of caffeine, distorting your perception, making your heart race and preventing you from being able to breathe your way through it. Positive stress is needed, but the anxiety given by a strong coffee whilst you are attacking your to-do list is not helpful. If you can't leave caffeine completely switch to matcha, it will give you a boost without the highs and lows.

  4. Relax muscle body. Every time you feel stressed, do all you can to be in a relaxed muscle body state. Tension makes everything harder (no pun intended). So with every exhale imagine your body turning into a wet noodle, It will help to wash away the unnecessary stress and keep the levels you need to complete your task.

  5. End the day with a thank you. To yourself, for all you put yourself through and achieved, big or small. If we stop showing gratitude to ourselves, the stress is never worth it. And so it's important to thank ourselves and whoever is supporting us, which will help us do it all over again tomorrow.

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