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Jaspreet Randhawa pharmacist and registered somatic therapist at Wholebody Psycologist


Somatic Therapist | Trauma Processing | Emotional Healing | Mind Body Therapy

Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapy & Nervous System Regulation

with Jaspreet Randhawa, MRPharms for connecting the mind & body for

Mental Health Conditions, Burnout, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Chronic Health Conditions, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Complex PTSD 

'Our philosophy is simple, not just to treat, but to truly heal'


Integrating Holistic Health with Clinical Expertise

Somatic Therapist & Prescribing Pharmacist, Jaspreet Randhawa MRPharmS, has been driven by a fundamental understanding: Wellness transcends the physical. It's a delicate balance of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

With over 15 years of experience as a Somatic Therapist & Pharmacist, I have crafted a unique care model that addresses not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of your dis-ease.

The limitations of relying solely on conventional therapy & healthcare became apparent to me through my extensive experience with patients whose needs surpassed what these modalities alone could offer. This realisation led me to explore and embrace the broader spectrum of health and wellness.

In my practice, I blend the precision of somatic therapy and traditional healthcare with the holistic insights gained from addressing the mind-body connection. This synergy allows for a trauma-informed care model that acknowledges and treats the underlying causes of nervous system dysregulation and illness. It's a method that not only facilitates deeper healing but also fosters a sustainable, thriving state of well-being.

By integrating the best of both worlds, I provide care that is tailored to the individual, recognising that true healing requires attention to the unique interplay of factors in each person's life. This comprehensive, dual-faceted approach ensures that every aspect of your health is considered, offering a path to wellness that is as effective as it is personalised.

Holistic Trauma Informed Somatic Therapist


Where Somatic Therapy Meets Scientific Wisdom

Somatic Therapy

Unlock healing with our somatic therapy, focusing on mental and emotional health. Our trauma-informed approach deeply understands the influence of life experiences on your well-being.

Trauma Processing Therapy

Traumatic events can be stored in the body. We work with the trauma & release it from the nervous system liberating the body & mind of old wounds

Somatic Experiencing for Chronic Illness

Your personalised 6-month program to find the root cause of your chronic illness. Connect with your body & improve your quality of life.

South Asian Therapist

Culturally informed somatic therapy for the South Asian community, of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other South Asian origin

Group Somatic Therapy

Group somatic therapy is a powerful approach that combines body awareness and group dynamics to promote healing and emotional well-being.

Health Consultations & Prescription Service

Get immediate, expert advice and same-day prescriptions for your health concerns. Our quick and easy prescription service ensures you receive the right medication when you need it most, always in a holistic and trauma-informed approach.

Dr Tim Evans
Apothecary to HM the Queen and The Royal Households of London.

"She has mastered a whole body healthcare approach with the aim of creating long-term wellness."

Somatic Therapy

"I have always been a little apprehensive about therapy and in general struggle to trust someone with my emotions, however Jas completely changed this


Jas has always met me with a friendly, safe and welcoming energy where now I truly feel as though I am undergoing personal growth. I feel very grateful to have found her in this sea of healthcare professionals. Thank you"

Client R
Somatic Therapy for Chronic Illness 

"Very professional service with a lot of care and dedication. I felt very safe with Jas at all sessions treating the pain stored in my body due to trauma. I can recommend her service to everyone.


She's kind and she's got some really good advice to give"

What our colleagues and customers have to say

What is Somatic Healing?

Somatic Healing emphasises the connection between your body and mind, focusing on regulating the nervous system to alleviate symptoms. It's about listening to your body's signals and addressing underlying issues for comprehensive well-being.

What is Trauma Informed care?

A trauma informed practice acknowledges the significant impact of trauma on health and wellness, ensuring you're supported in a safe and understanding environment tailored to facilitate healing at your pace.

Trying to get well but feeling stuck with a lack of progress?

Feeling desperate to heal rather than just mask your symptoms?

Are you willing to explore a variety of healing modalities?

We offer a comprehensive look at your illness through the holistic lens of the body-mind connection, integrating both alternative and conventional healing methods for a full-spectrum approach.

Have you felt ignored by conventional healthcare?

If you're convinced there's something wrong, but gaslit in to believing otherwise, we're here to listen. Our approach explores beyond conventional methods to provide a safe space


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Why Dr. Matthew Anderson?

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15+ years of experience

Urgent 24-hour service

High quality care

Online Consultation & Prescription Service


Ready to get started?

Book a video consultation with Jaspreet Randhawa today. Experience care that's compassionate, personalised, and tailored to your mental, physical, and emotional health needs. 


Now accepting clients worldwide virtually, ensuring access to our services no matter where you are.

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