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What is Somatic Therapy?

Updated: Mar 15

In a world where our health often seems segmented into physical or psychological categories, somatic therapy emerges as a holistic approach that bridges this divide. Although these practices have been around for thousands of years, amongst tribal communities, we now have the science of explanation, understanding that somatic therapy strongly aids our nervous system regulation (watch out for more information on nervous system regulation in upcoming blogs), in turn helping us to reach zen mode, even in the most triggering situations. In Somatic therapy there is a deep understanding that our bodies and minds are inseparably linked, carrying the marks of our experiences, traumas, and stresses in both visible and invisible ways.

At its core, somatic therapy is a holistic form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the mind-body connection as central to healing. The body holds onto past traumas, which can manifest physically as chronic pain, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders and other health problems. I have seen hundreds of patients with unexplainable symptoms, as their tests show nothing is wrong, whilst the body continues to scream that there is.

Somatic therapy involves various techniques and modalities, including breathwork, relaxation exercises, increasing emotional literacy to really feel what the body is communicating and physical movement, to help release the tensions and traumas stored in the body. At the Whole Body Pharmacist, we flow with you, your bodies signals and traverse a treasure chest of modalities to suit your needs. With somatic exercises and coaching, talking therapy and parts therapy all incorporated to find the root cause, give it the attention and care needed to then process and free ourselves from the burden of past wounds.

Healing through somatic therapy

A Path Through Depression, Anxiety, and Burnout

Are you battling depression, anxiety, or burnout? Somatic therapy offers a beacon of hope. We don't merely address the symptoms but instead dig deeper to find the root causes of these conditions stored within the body. By focusing on your embodied experience, somatic therapy helps reconnection with your body, learning to understand and interpret its signals and ultimately leading to a sense of release and relief.

We want to get the gut feeling back, and understand what it's trying to tell us. Years of ignoring it can lead to confusion about what our body wants us to understand, till eventually we are lost or dissociated from the body completely.

Trauma (big or small), especially when unaddressed, can seep into the very fabric of our being, presenting as physical symptoms that are often misunderstood or misdiagnosed.

Somatic therapy provides a unique avenue for processing and healing from trauma. We meet the emotion, we see the trauma clearly, and shine a light on that which may have been well hidden for years. We are not running away from the emotions anymore, and we are not supressing them any longer. For however long we continue to do so, they just seep out of our personalities in patterns we cannot control.

In our holistic approach, somatic therapy is a crucial tool for healing. As true health encompasses the mental, emotional, and physical realms. Somatic therapy is more than just a treatment; it's a pathway to understanding the language of our bodies and minds, offering deep, lasting healing for those ready to listen. It's a testament to the power of holistic health, embodying the philosophy that to heal wholly, we must consider the whole person.



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